How to make wings for a carnival costume
wings 01 1 scaled
In this article I will tell you in detail how to make wings and talk a little about the kids bee carnival costume. So let’s start – the
How to make fabric flowers – accessories for kids.
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This article will be fully devoted to fabric flowers. I like to make flowers from fabric and then wear them in the form of accessories for various dresses.
How to make a bubo of thread and horns for a carnival costume
thread bubo 01 1 scaled
The next New Year holidays have passed and I am opening a new page on my blog. In this article I will tell you how to make horns
Denim kids coat
denim coat 01 1 scaled
Kids coats are generally a very necessary thing in a children’s wardrobe. It looks very elegant, girls or a boy in such things are real ladies with gentlemen.
Fabric applique for clothes. Decorate a girl jacket.
fabricapplique 04 1 scaled
This article was born spontaneously and quickly. I went through old photographs and found a wonderful jacket, which I remade for my daughter using an applique made of
Kids holiday dress with green flowers
kids holiday dress 01 1 scaled
I want to introduce my readers another kids dress for the next holiday. Sewing a baby dress for a daughter is always a pleasure. Everything is taken into
Kids raincoat for girls in pink with an original hood
kidsraincoat 03 1
So spring came, and the sewing mothers begin to update the children’s wardrobe of their daughters and sons. And what kind of wardrobe of a young fashionable woman
Kids costume of “Autumn”
kidsautumncostume 06 1
It’s time for autumn … And what autumn can not do without the holiday of autumn in kindergartens and schools. Autumn is generally a very bright season, especially
Kids costume made of striped fabric: Breeches, T-shirt, Panama
kidsstripedsuit 01 1 scaled
I like to sew kids costumes for the summer. Now I will explain – a suit I call light sets; they include children’s breeches or trousers, a T-shirt
Kids jeans suit with applique
kidsjeanssuit 01 1 scaled
Kids jeans suit is a practical and at the same time beautiful thing. A denim jacket can be of a simple cut, or it can consist of many
Children’s pants for girls. Different models of summer trousers.
girlpants 01 1 scaled
This article will focus on summer pants for children. For my daughter, I often sew summer trousers made of cotton or trousers made of linen, that is, made
Kids Clothes Alteration.
Pants have become small, what to do? Or kids clothes alteration. All children grow faster in length rather than in width, and you can sew pants so that
Children’s pants for girls. Set of blue gauze.
girlpants 05 1
This article will focus on children’s pants and a jacket, that is, on a summer set for a girl from dark blue gauze. This fabric was inherited to
Children’s hat made of pink fleece
girlpajamas 01 1 scaled
I had a set for my daughter a children’s jacket on a synthetic winterizer and I sewed a hat of pink fleece in additional. The fleece is dense,
Children summer clothes – T-shirt and breeches from gauze and batista
summerclothes 01 1 scaled
Clothing for the summer is perhaps one of my favorite sewing trends for children. Sewing baby clothes for the summer is quick and easy, no lining, no warming
Children jacket with a synthetic winterizer. Top – quilted fabric.
сhildjacket 04 1 scaled
I sewed my first winter children’s jacket for my daughter when she was about two years old. The top of this warm jacket is a quilted fabric, then
What can be sewn from checkered fabric – shirt for a girl.
girlshirt 04 1
So what can be sewn from checkered fabric. For example, a straight shirt without tucks or a pleated skirt. These are the simplest options, but they do not
Children’s pajamas for girls
pajamas 01
This article is devoted to children’s pajamas – such useful and necessary home clothes. Sewing home clothes seems simple, but it is only at first glance. What are
How To Sew chamomile dress with your own hands.
chamomile 07
Before sewing a chamomile dress, we need to follow some steps, that I wrote in the article about ladybug dress. After completing them, you can start sewing.Also in
Squirrel carnival costume – оrganza dress
squirrelcostume 04
We live in a wonderful time – a time of technological progress. Talented scientists chemists gave the world many different synthetic fibers. Now in the textile industry there
Carnival costume “Ladybug”
carnival costume ladybug
Carnival is wonderful and fun. When thinking about the carnival, we always have a smile on our face. Almost every child and even an adult wants a carnival
The chenille technique is something amazing
chenille technique
In the chenille technique, you can get a new color for a product, change its texture, and this is done quite simply, although your painstaking work is needed participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.