Fabric applique for clothes. Decorate a girl jacket.

This article was born spontaneously and quickly.

I went through old photographs and found a wonderful jacket, which I remade for my daughter using an applique made of fabric.

Appliques for clothes can be made from any material. It can be skin, a fabric that does not crumble, or whatever. My applique made of fabric on the jacket was made by myself.

There was a jacket of the usual boring gray color and a very funny jacket with a beautiful translation, but pretty battered by life and a washing machine. This translation was decided to cut and transfer to the jacket.

In general, good quality things with translations, applications for a very long time retain their original appearance. (Subject to proper care and ironing, do not rub with chemicals and do not scorch with a hot iron :)) Even when the fabric of the sweater around looks old and decrepit, the translation shines like a polished table 🙂

How to make such an application, taking into account the characteristics of the fabric, I will describe below. Firstly, the application from the fabric is cut along the contour of the picture, exactly to the edge of the translation. This must be done carefully and evenly. To make the line smooth and beautiful. Without jagging.

Then you need to decide what thread you can sew such an applique of fabric. I have a large applique stitched with monofilament. This is a thin, colorless thread resembling a fishing line. The photo clearly shows a fragment of such a thread.

The applique itself is sewn up with a frequent zigzag. No stabilizers are needed. I sewed the applique from the fabric directly through the main fabric and lining without any attachments and hoop. I simply sprinkled the cut application with glue-spray and glued it to the right place. I wrote more about working with such glue here.

If there is no glue, then you need to notice the application of the fabric with a thin bead needle and silk thread, this precaution is needed so as not to leave holes in the basting places (following the example of raincoat fabric). From the bottom, the threads right in the tone of the lining are dark blue. In front of the jacket there were a lot of small spots of all kinds, they were united by one thing – they all stitched through torture with a vanish, but they resisted!

I cut out small fragments of the translation, and sewed them to the spots. Exactly as many fragments were sewn as there were spots on the shelves of the jacket. They are sewn by hand with threads of the corresponding color. Sewn in such a way that the inside of the thread is not visible – this is done from the point of view of aesthetics.

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