Kids jeans suit with applique

Kids jeans suit is a practical and at the same time beautiful thing. A denim jacket can be of a simple cut, or it can consist of many details. You can put various accessories on it and sew different decor, and this will determine its general stylization.

For example, rivets and iron buttons, a lot of pockets and valves will give the children’s jacket a classic style, if you sew a fringe in some seams, it turns into a cowboy, you can add shiny buttons and ruffles – the jacket will become romantic and glamorous. And the pattern is universal for everyone.

Children’s things from jeans are different in color, in the density of gins, sometimes in texture, but they are always comfortable to wear, serve their masters for a long time, and in the evening in the summer you can’t do without them at all. Denim material “adjusts” well to the temperature of the child’s body.

Let us dwell in more detail on its details. My children’s jacket is short, just below the waist, sewn from light jeans without lining. A ruffle of contrasting color is made on the collar and along the entire lower edge. A fabric applique is sewn on the front shelf, back in the center of the back and on the sleeve. Jeans were sewn to him.

An application made by yourself is a sign of individuality, a thing with it will be unique and will not be found anywhere else. Now I want to tell how to make a very beautiful application with my own hands.

Non-loose and dense fabrics are suitable for such an application. Such as felt, fleece, synthetic thin fabrics glued with a stabilizer. If the edge of the appliqué is supposed to be “ragged”, as in my case, then jeans, a bike, and a waffle cloth are ideal.

The technology of this fabric application is as follows: we take the picture you like and translate it into tracing paper. Preferably not a very contrasting felt-tip pen. In my case, the application runs over two seams. So before doing it, the seams should be stitched, the edges are processed and smoothed, and if necessary, stitched to the edge. We impose an auxiliary fabric (from which the actual application will be, first contrasting, then the main). We impose on the front part. We fasten with pins, reconcile impose tracing paper with a pattern and sew along the perimeter with small stitches. We put the sewing machine on the middle stitch (approximately 2.2 or 2.4 mm.) And sew on the tracing paper, according to the selected pattern, with threads in the tone of the product (there should be a maximum match of tone). We try to scribble along the lines of the drawing as clearly as possible so that it does not distort. Then we cut off the tracing paper and the picture we need appears on our fabric. Of course, you can translate the drawing with the help of a carbon paper, but when you go over the drawing with a line, it trains your hand well.

And the second time you need to go through the same pattern with the smallest zigzag line. This is necessary to fix the threads of the fabric. The application is then cut out outside and inside the small details, it turns out something like the Richelieu technique. However, in children’s clothes, I do not recommend making holes through. A child can get caught somewhere and tear the fabric to the end. And if you put a contrasting fabric, it will turn out both durable and beautiful! Here is a fragment of the application itself closer.

Kids jeans suit with applique

Now I want to talk about the second thing in the kit – jeans trousers. They are made of blue fabric. To be honest, this is not the best option for children’s pants – it’s too much of a brand, but the idea was to make a set, so it was the pants that were sewn :))

They are not too many differences from ordinary classic jeans. Is that the entrance to the pockets. In my model, they are square with a contrasting fabric of burlap pockets.

Kids jeans suit with applique

In general, the costume turned out to be very stylish and original. My daughter helped make the application, cut off the tracing paper and brushed the edges off with a brush. And then, when I wore constantly picking flowers with my finger, I completed the work :)) participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.