Kids Clothes Alteration.

Pants have become small, what to do? Or kids clothes alteration.


All children grow faster in length rather than in width, and you can sew pants so that after minor modifications they can be worn not for two seasons, but even four. To do this, you initially need to sew things with “stock” for children.

So, when we sew the first “stock on the pants” for children – these are naturally lapels, you need to sew trousers not right up to the given length of the pattern, but more by 5-7 centimeters. Roll up the finished trousers and fasten them on the sides (if the fabric is undercoat, there may be holes from needle punctures, tighten carefully carefully in the side seams)

Then, for the next season, you can put everything back, tear off the braces, iron the bottom and the legs will grow by our 5-7cm. For example, I sewed a jumpsuit from raincoat fabric, in it I made such a “reserve” and for the first season we wore it with lapels, then with a straight edge.

Still, when we sew children, you can obviously make the pants much longer and collect them on the side of the legs. Below you get two accordions, and as the child grows, the accordions will be aligned. We also had such pants, unfortunately there was no good photo left to show for clarity.

After that, there are already all kinds of finishing touches: it is better not to throw away pieces of fabric, but to save. From these, good cuffs, ruffles, frills and so on are obtained. And the lengthening of children’s trousers occurs again by 5-7cm. The total is more than 10 centimeters for the entire “life” of the pants, and this is economical and practical :-))

Another trick when sewing for children is my belt of panties: first I cut them so that the belt is not stitched (sewn separately) but wrapped from the same fabric. Bending on the width of the elastic band plus 1cm. inwards. (stitch length when stitching 3.5-4mm) Only a hole for threading the elastic is not necessary to do so as not to damage the fabric. You can easily enter it as well: don’t finish sewing a seam, leave a 2-2.5cm hole, put in an elastic band, then gently stretch an already-elastic band, stitch the remainder.

The trick is this, when the child grows up and his butt also grows up, we do the following: we unzip the belt completely, cut out the sewing belt from the same fabric and now sew it to the place of the rasporotny. We put on an elastic band, sometimes I even strip the same elastic band that I just torn :)) Thus, the seam of the seat (well, which passes on the pope) is increased by 4-6 cm. And these pants can already be worn again for two seasons. They can even turn into breeches, you can not touch anything from below, and most importantly they will fit well on the ass and not crawl when the child sits down. If the fold seam from the first belt is rubbed, we put a decorative ornament in this place. We also had such dark pants.

We also had pants, very beloved, and my daughter could not part with them in any way. They were small everywhere: on the pope and in the hips and in length. I did with them what was described above, but previously I tucked the side seams and inserted in them inserts of 6 cm plus 1 cm for the seam. those. the trousers in width increased by 14 cm, and only then after that I already made a sewing belt and ruffles in the bottom of the trousers. We have been wearing these pants for five seasons already and I think we will carry them like breeches for next summer.

All the above-described alterations of clothes are done when we sew summer pants for children.

Of course, it’s more difficult with winter ones, there is also a heater inside, so I extend them only with the help of cuffs, ruffles and shuttlecocks, just so that it’s not a bit short that catches my eye. And I’m not doing global alteration. After all, basically the top layer of such pants is raincoat fabric, and when you open the raincoat fabric, holes from punctures of the sewing machine always remain and this makes it very difficult for further actions. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.