Children’s hat made of pink fleece

Children's hat made of pink fleece

I had a set for my daughter a children’s jacket on a synthetic winterizer and I sewed a hat of pink fleece in additional.

The fleece is dense, generally does not stretch in any direction. Since this is a kit with a jacket, the fabric on the hat is used the same as the lining of this jacket, inside my children’s hat there is a lining of knitwear, in the places of the ears “ears” are sewn :). I didn’t insulate her with anything else.

I want to “sing an ode” a little to such material as fleece. For children’s things, and in particular for warm hats – this is generally one of the best inventions that a person could come up with :)) This material holds heat well, it is easy to sew, iron or undergo some other complicated heat treatment. The seam always looks even and good, even if the mother was in a hurry and sewed, to put it mildly, not exactly. On the product it will be hardly noticeable. Its edges do not need to be processed in any way, well, except for aesthetic pleasure. Fleece is not loose. From the scraps, excellent flowers, applications and clothes for the dolls are obtained. In short, from one piece of matter it turns out just a lot of useful things and pleasure for all family members :)) It can be of different quality and different density. I like Reima fleece the most.

So back to our children’s fleece hat, it consists of such parts: a round bottom, a rectangular tulle and fields. The fields were cut in equal two lengths (5 cm. The fields themselves, 5 cm. For the hem, 1 cm allowances for the seams), i.e. detail of the fields is 11 cm in length. She is almost like a wide-brimmed hat.

First, I sewed the edges of the fields into the lining, then lifted it up, gathered it on the sides (to a length equal to the length of the tulle) and already then sewed them to the fleece. Using this technique of attaching the fields to the tulle, they turned out to be voluminous, without a hard edge, picked up on the sides, I will take pictures and there you can see how everything is done.

The decoration on my warm hat is a strip of natural fur lined with an intricate pattern with the leather side up. The fur is wrapped on one side. A strip of leather is sewn on a sewing machine with the usual straight line in the middle. When washing the caps, the fur must be combed and flattened according to the drawing so that it is dry. And it will be a “confused” picture and it will not be beautiful and not accurate.

Children's hat made of pink fleece

That’s probably all. The set turned out to be elegant, and most importantly very bright and festive, which is very important in brown autumn and gray dull winter, which we often have no snow. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.