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How To Sew chamomile dress with your own hands.
Before sewing a chamomile dress, we need to follow some steps, that I wrote
Squirrel carnival costume – оrganza dress
We live in a wonderful time – a time of technological progress. Talented scientists
carnival costume ladybug
Carnival costume “Ladybug”
Carnival is wonderful and fun. When thinking about the carnival, we always have a
chenille technique
The chenille technique is something amazing
In the chenille technique, you can get a new color for a product, change
How to sew a child cap from striped fabric
Cap is sewn from cotton on a thin batiste lining. The volume is adjustable
How to sew a blouse from a thin fabric
Today I want to tell how to sew a blouse from a thin fabric
How to sew light winter gloves
They’re making acrylic knitted gloves for kids now. They’re not very warm and can
how to sew corset
How to sew a corset
Today I want to tell how to sew a children’s corset. It can be
Horns for carnival costume “Ladybug”.
How to make horns for a carnival costume Ladybug They are made quite easily,
10 Great Ways to Lengthen your Pants
How to lengthen your pants Today I’m gonna talk about ways to lengthen baby
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