Stephanie from LazyTown dress.

Stephanie from LazyTown dress.

My daughter loves the children’s series LazyTown about a girl with pink hair Stephanie and Sportakus. She wanted a sundress like Stephanie’s, so I made it for her. Especially since it’s pretty easy to sew.

Such a sundress should be sewed from wedges of different alternating colors.
If you have a pattern of a simple sundress or even a simple sundress available, it can make a dress Stephanie.

If you take a pattern from a simple fabric sundress, it must be stroked, then spread and circled with a pencil. The pattern is ready.

Then we proceed with the simulation. Below is a diagram of how to divide a dress into wedges. It is obligatory to take into account the seam allowance of 0.5 cm for each slice.

Stephanie from LazyTown dress.

So, for the pattern to become similar to Stephanie’s dress from the series “LazyTown” you need to cut into 5 wedges before pattern. Three of the wedges are made of dark fabric, and two of light fabric.

At the back of the pattern is separated by the pattern above. The color of the wedges on the back canvas is reversed. Another central wedge needs to be cut into 2 parts to insert the lightning. The back pattern should be divided into 6 parts.

All seams are stitched on the overlock, then zipped in. The neck and armhole cuts at this dress are machined with a slant. The bottom is also treated with a slanting bay, but wrapped and sewn inside out.

That’s it! Stephanie’s dress is ready.

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  1. BigHalloweenGeek

    Sportacus is one of the main characters from the show played by the producer Magnus Scheving who is one of the driving forces alongside Stephanie who tries to get the residents active again. In today s post we ll be showing you how to put together a Sportacus Lazy Town costume that will be perfect for fans of the show, young and old!

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