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How To Sew chamomile dress with your own hands.

Before sewing a chamomile dress, we need to follow some steps, that I wrote in the article about ladybug dress. After completing them, you can start sewing.
Also in this article we will analyze the method of decor on fabric using a special Avalon Fix Wash Away Embroidery Stabilizer. This is a wonderful stabilizer, which itself dissolves in water. He appeared on the shelves of our stores thanks to the development of learned chemists and hand-made masters come up with more and more new ways to use it. One way to use Avalon Fix will be shown below.

The carnival festive outfit “Chamomile” consists of the chamomile dress itself, a crown, a belt and flowers on shoes. When my daughter and I thought over the sketch, we really wanted the dress itself to be bright; there were gorgeous flowers on it.
And so after drawing up the sketch, you can start sewing dresses. The style of this dress is simple – an even yoke, without a collar and sleeves. Bottom is a sun skirt.

Advice! How to make a pattern for this dress? You can take any blouse that your daughter wears and circle it on paper – it will be a yoke. The lining repeats completely the style of the coquette. Back dress with a zipper.

How To Sew chamomile dress with your own hands.

The following describes the decor process using Avalon Fix. Here’s what this stabilizer looks like.

On the coquette of my Chamomile dress, in front of them are laid grass-threads for knitting. Then on top you need to put Avalon, fasten with pins and sew in different directions several times on a sewing machine. After that, spray water from the spray gun and Avalon dissolve without a trace. Here is a closeup photo of the front yoke:

Some of my readers already know that I like to sew dresses so that later it can be transformed. This dress can be converted from the Chamomile carnival dress into a simple elegant children’s dress for girls.

Below will be described how to make such a dress a transformer.
In the seam between the yoke and the skirt, insert one part of the detachable yellow zipper. On the other part of such a zipper you need to stitch the petals of chamomile. The width of the petals must be calculated. You need to look at the width of the coquette. In this dress, there are four petals at the back, two at the side seams and five petals at the front. As you can see in the photo below, two lightnings converge behind.

How To Sew chamomile dress with your own hands.

Advice! The detachable zipper must not be sewn under the very end of the coquette. This is necessary in order to sew the inner zipper. And it is also important to leave the “fastener” for closing the zipper on the side that is being removed. In this photo you can clearly see how the lightning is located.

How To Sew chamomile dress with your own hands.

In the kit for the Camomile dress, you can make jewelry on shoes. For example, make flowers for shoes. In our case, shoes are soft leather sandals made of golden leather. It is very convenient to sew all kinds of flowers on them. How to make such flowers will be described in detail in another article.

How To Sew chamomile dress with your own hands.

Also for the Chamomile dress, you can make a belt on a ribbon. The tape can be bought at a needlework store. Then make a chamomile flower and sew it on the side of the ribbon. The ends of the ribbon can be decorated with beautiful handmade beads.

How To Sew chamomile dress with your own hands.

How to make a chamomile crown for the “Chamomile” carnival costume will be a separate article, but here we can say that this is a hoop covered with a fabric to which artificial flowers are sewn.

That, perhaps, was all that I wanted to tell about this dress. My daughter was very pleased, constantly raising and lowering the chamomile petals, spinning and dancing. The holiday was very cheerful.

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