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10 Great Ways to Lengthen your Pants

How to lengthen your pants

Today I’m gonna talk about ways to lengthen baby pants. Kids grow up fast and many things get short. The question arises – how to lengthen children’s pants?

I suggest ten ways to lengthen your pants:

  1. The first way to lengthen your pants is to sew on a flounce. Measure the circumference of the pants at the bottom and cut out the flounce with an inner circle equal to the length. The flank may be of a different fabric.
  2. The second way to lengthen the pants is to lengthen the creases. Multiply the circle and the resulting length by 3 or 5. Cut out a strip of fabric similar in color and texture. Make a crease.
  3. The third way to increase the pants is to combine the first way plus the second way together. Looks very smart. Fabrics may vary in texture (lace, batiste, jeans, etc.).
  4. The fourth way to extend the pants is to lengthen the cuff. A cuff trimmed with fur this method is suitable if there is very little fabric left from sewing, and there is not enough to cut the cuff across the width of the pants. You can insert the fur. More fur can be sewn at the very edge of the pants. Looks spectacular and new. Teddy fake fur is perfectly washed, and then combed with a comb.
  5. The fifth way to enlarge your pants is ruffles. If you have a favorite jeans, and there is no suitable denim at all, you can sew a contrasting fabric of large width and make the same belt for the set, a couple of applications – here are ready-made pants.
  6. The sixth way to lengthen the pants is to cut them. Cut the pants below the knees, the resulting edges treated with a stitch, then lace and sew. The pants are lengthened by the width of the lace insert.
  7. The seventh way to lengthen the pants is to sew the lace just at the bottom of the product.
  8. The eighth way to lengthen your pants is with a buttoned cuff. Make a cuff, but not sew it into a ring, and draw the edge with loops and buttons. We could do an application.
  9. The ninth way to enlarge the pants is to turn the bottom bend away. It’s a good way to lengthen the pants, too. You can stitch the tops of the ribbon.
  10. The tenth way to lengthen the pants is to turn the fabric at the bottom and make a fringe, then sew a lace. You can stitch the lace at the same time if you strengthen the edge.

P.S. I made a hole in these trousers by myself. You have to do this: separate the pants from the inner seam. Then zigzag the fabric, where you have to make the hole. Then within this square, make cuts, holes, cut out pieces of fabric, and all this washed in the machine.

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